Cutting-edge AI models

State-of-the-art technology stack

Easy to integrate APIs

Trustworthy, fair and explainable recommendations

Low latency

Competitive pricing

Job Recommender
Key Features

Finds the perfect matches between candidates and jobs based
on content, preferences and interactions.

4-way matching

  • User to user
  • User to job
  • Job to user
  • Job to job

Increased user engagement

  • 30% higher CTR than competitors
  • Longer user sessions
  • Lower bounce rate

Leverages content, preferences and interactions (clicks)

Customizing experiences with content and user engagement.

Modular design

Versatile design, easily adaptable to diverse needs and functionalities for seamless user experiences.

Corrects for popularity and other biasses in data

Mitigates biases, ensures accurate and fair insights.

Avoids cold start problems

Ensures smooth integration without initial hurdles, optimizing performance from the start..

Custom filtering based on business logic

Strategic filtration aligns with business objectives, enhancing efficiency and relevance.

Career Path Recommender Key Features

Provides data-driven and skill-based career path recommendations, guidance to reach a target job
and answers to what-if job-market-related

Corrects for popularity and
other biasses in data

Mitigate biases, adjust for popularity, and ensure
data accuracy for unbiased analysis.

Skill gap analysis (job to job
and profile to job)

Analyze skill gaps: job-to-job, profile-to-job,
optimizing workforce proficiency and job fit.

Answers what-if questions

Enables exploration of hypothetical scenarios,
providing insights into various possible outcomes.

Occupation Tagger Features

Tags plain-text occupation descriptions with labels from proprietary or standard occupation taxonomies (ISCO, ESCO, ASCO, ROME, O*Net, …).

Tagging from job title only or title + description

Tag by title or title + description for comprehensive categorization and search

Provides confidence scores

Confidence scores enhance decision-making and accuracy in evaluations.

High accuracy

High accuracy ensures reliable outcomes, crucial for informed decisions and effective operations.


Supporting diverse languages expands reach and accessibility, fostering global communication and understanding.

Multi-standard (ISCO, ESCO, ASCO, ROME, O*Net, …)

Adaptable across standards for seamless integration.

Adaptable to proprietary taxonomies

Seamlessly integrates with diverse proprietary taxonomies for enhanced categorization efficiency.

Zero-shot learning model

Innovative zero-shot learning model enables adaptive knowledge acquisition and utilization.

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