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The Nobl recommender increases
CTR by up to 30%

Discover Your Dream Career

Finds the perfect matches between candidates and jobs based on content, preferences and interactions.

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Navigate Your Future with Confidence

Provides data-driven and skill-based career path recommendations, guidance to reach a target job and answers to what-if job-market-related questions.

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Occupation Tagger

Tags plain-text occupation descriptions with labels from proprietary or standard occupation taxonomies (ISCO, ESCO, ASCO, ROME, O*Net, …).

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100 queries per month
for Free.
Get receive 1,000 queries monthly


Get receive 10,000 queries monthly.

Monthly prices with a 12-month commitment. The cost of month-by-month
subscriptions are 120€/month and 660€/month, respectively  
For larger volumes and guaranteed query rates Contact Us
Our products
are targeted at the types of clients

Get started with Nobl ESCO tagging in three easy steps

Log into your Nobl Dashboard

Access your Nobl Dashboard for
streamlined management.

Accessing API Keys

Then, click on the person icon in the top right corner to view your API keys

Send API Queries Programmatically

Download our simple demo code and start querying the ESCO tagging API in real time.

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